Who We Are

OptiSolutions is a boutique ICT company which specialises in supporting the business critical IT systems of large and medium enterprises. For more than a decade , we have provided industry-leading companies in the energy and telecoms sector with the managed services and products they need to grow their business.

Database administrations services and support

We have built a strong competency in supporting mission critical databases, which include PCI and SAP environments. We have a deep understanding of technologies such as Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer, Sybase and DB2. 



Embedded Analytics
and Reporting

Through our partnership with Sisense we are able to provide customers with the most powerful analytics technology in the market and a platform that’s easy to customize and integrate into their systems. This end-to-end, single stack BI solution lets you easily prepare, analyze and visualize complex data without any additional tools.

Healthcare Analytics

A Boutique Approach To Standards Of Excellence

We pride ourselves to having the courage to review our strategy and adapt our thinking in order to achieve maximum results for our customers.


System Administration Services and Support

Managing a business computing environment requires more than keeping business systems highly available- it requires knowledge, skill and experience and a willingness to go the extra mile. Our experience extend into supporting Linux and Windows operating systems. Providing support for clustering, virtualisation and enterprise storage.


Capacity Planinng and Performance Testing

This service helps customers to manage, measure, plan and improve the way they deliver IT services to their business users. Our methodology ensures we work closely with our customer and extends to the development of an enterprise infrastructure management strategy. From this strategy, solutions are developed encompassing technology, people and process focusing on the end-user experience as it relates to the performance and availability of the services provided

True Partnerships

To support our strategic partnerships with our customers, we actively seek and engage vendors that supply solutions that can add value to our customers. We have chosen  to work with Oracle, Sisense , Method-R , Gustoholdings and WickedEdge as key partners.

Industry Expertise

We have a client base of industry leaders, which includes Vodacom and Engen who have a spectrum of business computing environments that we have configured or built to their specifications. It is in customisation that they strengthen their brands and address their differences, and it is in making it possible for them to take advantage of their strategies of operational excellence that our customer services developed a complementary standard